High performance

Wpc flooring and wood flooring compared to the more durable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, waterproof, fire. You can rest assured that the use, do not worry it will be damaged and repair.

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Online Orders

Many of our customers are directly online orders, so save them a lot of time, if you want to determine the product, you can get our samples free of charge, and through our sales staff online communication.

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Better Record

When you contact our sales staff, she will always keep in touch with you until all the products are used, thus avoiding the inconvenience of communicating more than one person, making your shopping more enjoyable.

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Extensive Application Areas

Our wpc products are mainly supplied with outdoor, such as courtyards, gardens, parks, corridors, balconies, swimming pools, etc. as long as the external area of our floor can bring a good experience,

Our wall board products are not only for outdoor use, we also have indoor wall board products, can be used for a variety of interior decoration style, low-key, luxurious, simple, simple, etc., our products for a variety of styles.

Our floor is widely used for home and engineering projects, and now more and more customers look at his high quality and aesthetics, while hiding these two points of our products, now by more customers of all ages.

Our fence products are divided into wpc and pvc two, they can be used for outdoor, but the customer personal preferences are different, and the choice is different, you can use for ranch and farm, yard, garden...

Wpc Products Wholesale